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Cooking with Children: The Importance of Food and Family

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Throughout the life of a child, many memories are made in the kitchen, like experiencing the excitement of baking cookies for Santa, or wiping off the messy, frosting-covered fingers after sharing delicious and colorful birthday cakes year after year.

Cooking with your child deepens the bond and connection to family. Not only does cooking and baking teach valuable life skills, but it also builds up their confidence. Children have a great sense of pride when they learn to cook for themselves or their family and are delighted to discover that they have the ability to produce such delicious creations. It's crucial for their development in addition to serving as a meaningful and fun pass-time.

Check out my recent YouTube video where I whip up some yummy hot chocolates with my twins -- perfect for the Christmas season! I cherish moments like these and hope you have the opportunity to share in them as well. Happy holidays!

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